Driving is a way of life, and should be a source of pleasure to most. We claim to be an institution and not merely a driving school, striving to get you that perfect amalgamation of skill and experience combined with the most recent technology and approach.
We at Tonyís Driving School offer you ministry-approved beginner driver education course. Let us help you to get on the road to crash-free driving with our patient, learner-centered teaching methods.
Your Driving requires Alertness & Attention
You must know the law
You must understand the need for traffic Laws
You must obey the Laws
You must understand that there are drivers that do not know the laws
You must understand that there are drivers that donít obey the laws.
Anger, stress, worry can distract from your attention from driving.
Safe driving requires your full attention all the time. You will not control your vehicle if youíre not in control of yourself.
Ministry – Approved Driver Education Program
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