Tony’s Driving School, owned and operated by Remo & Frank Iaquone, offers comprehensive driver education programs for Toronto area and beyond. At Tony’s Driving School, we go beyond teaching traditional driver education. We teach Driving Intelligently - a unique approach that develops safe and socially responsible drivers who are prepared to make a lifetime of correct choices in any situation. You will not only gain the skills necessary to operate a vehicle, but also an elevated appreciation of what it means to be a safe and responsible driver. That's Tony’s Driving School difference you can trust .

Experienced, knowledgeable, and patient - our instructors will teach you the skills to drive in today's heavy traffic..

Learn Comprehensive Defensive Driving Skills - Possible life-saving choices, such as wearing seatbelts, not drinking and driving and driving defensively are discussed in depth throughout the course.

Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction -In addition to the innovative classes, Tony’s Driving School offers behind the wheel instruction for students provided by a team of experienced instructors.

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